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Instructions to order business cards:

1). Print out the order form – please look it over carefully - Please! Take an extra minute to read it. Please note that you will receive a proof of your business card.
2). Fill out the information requested and send us your digital files of your company art and photo.
Where indicated, at the top right in the printed box area of the form, write out your business card wording. Write the wording as it should appear. Show the position of your picture and company artwork to be printed on the card. Fill out your shipping information, payment information adding the total and sign your name where indicated to approve the order.

To aid you in writing out your business card in the information box - You may cut and paste on the order form by cutting up parts of a previously printed business card. Place, staple or glue, the card, or parts of the card, in the printed box area and note the changes. If you are ordering business cards in a company that has all ready been printed you may place any other associate’s business card on the order form. Simply show the changes with your own personal information in the sections provided. You may also just give the name of any other associate if we have previously printed for your company and we will simply put your information on the business card. Please note that if we printed business cards for someone else in your company we should have the artwork for the company but would need your picture file, color print and individual information.

If we printed your business card previously - we should have your picture and company artwork on file. All you need to do is fax your order in to us. Write in the box area “Exact Repeat” or indicate the changes.

Some people do their entire business card layout in their favorite word publisher and email it to us. You may also send us a PDF from your word publishing program and then fax or mail in the business card order form to us. Let us do the business card type layout. Simply provide all the information to be printed on your business card as a list of items in a word publishing program and write on the order form “Please do the business card type layout for me”. We will create a business card type layout with the information you send.

BACKPRINTING – If you would like printing on the back of your business card please look at the STANDARD BACKPRINTING WORDING list available. All you will need to do is write the standard back printing number in the area provided on the order form. If you want a custom back printed, or two sided business card, please use the back of the order form to write the custom information needed on the back. You may also send a word processing file with the back side information. You will receive a proof of the back of the card when we send you your business card proof.

If this is a NEW business card order we will need your picture and company artwork files.

If you have digital files of your picture email it to us and just fax your order in. If you are sending us a color print of your picture mail it to us.

If you do not have digital files then you must mail your order in with your color photo print and samples of your company artwork. Write in any wording changes. We will notify you of the cost to recreate your company artwork only if the time to reproduce it exceeds one hour of composition time.

3). When mailing orders in the regular mail send to:

Eastern Hills Printing
9195 Main Street
Clarence, NY 14031

Our email address is: ehpmail@roadrunner.com.

Our fax number is 716-632-8586.

Sending Images:
Please note that there is no charge for sending us any of your images.


We will not accept low quality graphics or computer files. We will not print low resolution pictures or graphics. You will receive up to two proofs on each order and we will only print your business cards after you authorize printing. Please note that we will not ship any printed products unless payment is made.

Pictures (either color prints or files):
Digital picture files will be accepted. Please remember that a digital file of your photo will not print any better than the quality of the image in the file. If you would like to scan your own picture understand that if you do not know how to do this it is better to send a color print and we will scan the picture. Our graphic design department will evaluate any file sent to us and let you know if it is acceptable for production. We require resolution of 300 dpi in the original scan, high resolution digital photo or regular high quality color print.

Your Company’s artwork (logos, etc.):
If your company has printed stationery (i.e. letterhead, envelopes) and it has the current artwork of your company printed on it, please send us the original computer file. We can accept a number of formats such as: .jpg, .tiff, .eps, or PSD. Freehand, Illustrator, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Photoshop and some Publisher files can be accepted. Please call if you have questions about your files. Your supervisor or art department should have them on file for your company’s use. If you do not have any usable computer files we will need a good copy of your stationery along with the proper ink color. Some examples are PMS 185 red, PMS 286 blue or the ink colors may have names such as REFLEX BLUE or BORDEAUX.

COLOR MATCHING - Please note that due to the nature of our full-color printing (CMYK), we cannot print every color available. We do not color match; however, we offer the print indutry's standard phrase of respectable color and will make every rational effort to print your product as close to the colors you have provided as possible.

Why send original logo (artwork) files? : – With original files, the ink colors and printed image of the company’s artwork on your business card will be easier to match. Without files we must have printed samples. If we re-create your company’s artwork (logos etc.) from printed samples sent, they will be reproduced as close to the samples sent but can possibly be just slightly different. We may charge an additional fee for recreating artwork. Up to an hour of time would be used before additional charges will apply, but we will notify you before starting the additional work. We will not be held responsible for mistakes found after final proof or printing, or color variation in photos, logos, etc. dus to the four-color printing process. The colors printed from samples will also be our best educated decision*. Sending us the original files helps to eliminate this problem. Having original files will speed up the production time of your order tremendously.

Where artwork is recreated we may not be able to duplicate your artwork exactly in some cases, because of their complexity or because sometimes samples sent in will not allow the best reproduction. Photos will print only as good as they are sent in to us as either as prints or digital files. We assume that any images or artwork you tell us to print are approved for use by you and you have obtained all necessary releases to duplicate them. We reserve the right to not accept orders that we feel are not in professional good taste, may be offensive or if we feel that we could not adequately reproduce and print certain business card requests.